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Control Your Business

- Clarity
- Execution
- Results

At Integrator Solutions™, the Integrator/COO is the interpreter for the Visionary, translating the vision into the actions your team must take to make your vision a reality. Effective communications can lead to Clarity for Execution to produce the desired Results.

As a Visionary do you find yourself:

  • Spending too much time on day-to-day issues instead of the big things that will allow your company to move forward?

  • Frustrated by a team that lacks accountability and focus?

  • Serving as both Visionary and Integrator/COO of your company?

  • Challenged and failing to meet goals?

  • Integrator Solutions is a collaborative team of experienced Fractional Integrators for Visionaries that are ready to help solve problems and get the team rowing in the same direction for consistently effective results.


What Integrator Solutions Can do for You

Integrator Solutions™ was created to provide experienced independent Fractional Integrator/COO’s for businesses that are not yet ready for full-time integrators. We have experience in EOS companies and can help you get all members of the team in the right seats and rowing in the same direction in order to drive consistently effective results through:

  • Weekly L10 Meeting Facilitation

  • Supervision (LMA™) of Leadership Team

  • Visionary-Integrator Same Page Meetings™

  • Effective Scorecards, and team and company Rocks

  • Actual issue resolution

EOS®, LMA™ and Same Page Meetings™ are registered trademarks of EOS Worldwide®

What is a Fractional Integrator

Integrator is the EOS® term for the person who oversees the Leadership Team. Non-EOS companies may use the term COO. By understanding the Visionary’s big picture, Integrators create clarity and direction for the Leadership Team and the company, ensuring proper execution and delivering results.

A Fractional Integrator delivers the results of a full-time Integrator on a part-time basis with businesses that are not yet ready for a full-time Integrator.


Visionaries are Ready When They:

  • Are ready to share the load with an Integrator

  • Want a strong team that can fulfill the roles they were hired for

  • Are eager to get back to the visionary work they enjoy and do best



Three Easy Steps to Clarity, Execution and Results

  1. Locate your Fractional Integrator

  2. Fill out the Contact Us request form indicating which Integrator(s) you wish to speak with

  3. We will contact you to set up an initial meeting